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Project Background

The Gavar Special School is located near Lake Sevan, in the Gegharquniq region of Armenia. Being the only special school in the area, it serves 60 children with different disabilities from all around the region.

The school does not have an elevator, which is crucial for the physically handicapped children in wheelchairs to reach classrooms on upper floors of the building. Those in wheelchairs have to be picked up from their wheelchairs by their caretakers, carried up the steps and helped back into their wheelchairs.

Therefore, these children do not employ the independence that a wheelchair is meant to provide them. An elevator will make the upper floor of the school accessible to all children.

Project Goal

The Gavar Special School with 60 disabled pupils is housed in a two-storey building without adequate handicapped access. By building an elevator in the school we make possible for everyone to have equal education opportunities.

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Arto Vorperian

Ashot Tumanyan

John Heffern

Tigran Cholakyan

Armen Balayan

AON Foundation

Janna Guegamian

Armen Anmeghikyan

Vahan Mahdasian

Holy Martyrs ACYOA Seniors

Garnik Nanagoulian

Irina Nanagoulian


The Gavar Special School

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