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Project Background

Though poverty does not cause many Berd children to drop out of school in the Tavush region, it poses a serious obstacle for many families to purchase all the required school supplies for their children. To overcome these obstacles, parents typically borrow money from others or seek loans from the bank to send their children to school. This project will ensure that all Berd area first graders entering school in September 2017 are equipped with essential school supplies to enjoy a successful year.

According to some estimates, approximately 328 six-year-old children from Berd and the 16 surrounding villages, will begin first grade in the fall. With just $15, we can provide one child with a durable backpack, notebooks, pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, colored paper, drawing pad, and watercolors with brushes! We will collect all the mentioned items in bags and rent a truck to transport all the schoolbags to Berd, where we will distribute the bags to children one by one. These important items are sure to be used in upcoming years, allowing the students to study diligently and deepen their love for learning, opening a pathway to their future.

Project Goal

To support the 328 families from the town of Berd and its 16 surrounding villages in preparing their children for first grade!

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