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Project Background

This year, just as any other, all of us at Ayo! expect to wake up on Christmas morning feeling happy and secure, and to share the joy of Christmas with our respective families. We would like all children to have the chance to experience that same happiness and joy, especially the ones whose families struggle each day to support them.

Since 2014, each Christmas, the Fund for Armenian Relief has implemented its Chocolate Bank Project in different regions of Armenia. Last year, Ayo! joined this amazing initiative, which collects and then delivers chocolates and other Christmas sweets to children who live in poverty. In addition, they typically receive valuable and useful gifts, like winter clothing.

This year we are planning to visit daycares in 14 villages in the Gegharkunik Region called Mets Masrik, Akunk, Sotk, Tretuk, Kutakan, Pambak, Daranak, Pokr Masrik, Geghamasar, Areguni, Kakhakn, Shatjrek, Arpunk and Avazan, which have some of the coldest conditions in Armenia. In addition to bringing chocolate and holding a celebration that same day, Ayo! also wants to be able to provide the daycares with new bedding, including warm blankets and pillows, which will help them through the brutal winter.

All 353 children in these villages spend most of their days at their local daycares. While the daycares generally have appropriate conditions for the children, they have a vital and urgent need for new bedding. Their current blankets are old and threadbare and don’t provide enough warmth for the children, while the bed sheets are worn-out and need to be replaced. The children eat, play, learn and develop at these daycares. They also take naps. As winter settles in, the issue of bedding needs to be solved as quickly as possible.

This project will ensure that the Gegharkunik children not only enjoy their Christmas holiday this year, but they will also be provided with much-needed warmer and therefore safer and better sleeping conditions for their midday naps. A proper nap is something every child surely needs and deserves for their good health and proper development.

Ayo! will be collecting chocolates, candies and cookies at our office in Yerevan. We will also be fundraising to purchase the bedding for the daycares.

Project Goal

To provide much-needed support during the holiday season to children and their families in impoverished rural regions, which will help them better their emotional well-being and improve conditions conducive to proper development.

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St. Gregory of Narek Armenian Church

Narek Simonyan

Michael Shahnasarian

Victoria Setian

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James Kalustian

Jeffrey Essmann

Byblos Bank Armenia CJSC

Elizabeth Barsamian

Hasmik Abrahamyan

Stephanie Corpening

Ani Tumanyan

Siranush Sarafian

Aram Mkrtchyan

Armenian Public

Taron Sargsyan

Frank Stoneson

Merle Santerian

Nick Pompeian

Carol Kelejian

Arsen Hayrapetyan

Avak Grigorian

Joyce Avedisian

Arda Mirek

Maria Martell

St. James Armenian Church

Irina Nanagoulian

St. John Armenian Church

Caroline Kernan

Holy Virgin Mary and Shoghagat Armenian Church

Ara Hacet

Jeanette Derhagopian

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