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Project Background

Each year, World Vision Armenia organizes a summer camp called “Dream Camp” (#DreamCamp) for children from different regions of Armenia, including Yerevan. The purpose of these summer camps is to empower children by providing them the opportunity to learn essential life skills, like disaster preparedness and first aid, and to increase their knowledge of children’s rights protection while creating a friendly environment for practical application of those skills. All of this is conducted in a healthy group setting where new friendships are forged.

This summer, Ayo! decided to partner with World Vision Armenia to give this opportunity to 50 children from the Armenia’s Shirak Region, specifically from Gyumri and Amasia, and ultimately make their dream of attending summer camp come true. This exclusive camp is designed for children from nine to 12 years from socially vulnerable families, who wish to spend one full week at camp, located in Hankavan in the Kotayk region with professionals and coaches, all of whom are alumni of previous Dream Camps.

For most of these children, #DreamCamp is their only opportunity to leave their villages and spend a special holiday in a new, healthy environment, where they can make friends, gain new life skills and aspire to a better future. One third of children participating in #DreamCamp are from socially vulnerable families. According to World Vision’s observations summer camp positively impacts the lives of children by helping them to gain:

  • Self-confidence

  • Resilience to critical situations

  • Self-determination

  • Communication skills with peers and adults

  • Sense of care towards friends and community

  • Awareness of their rights

  • Conflict management skills

Together we can give such opportunity to the children of Shirak, gifting them with a truly joyful and a universally enriching childhood experience.

Project Goal

To help children to become more independent, self-sufficient and fulfilled by better understanding their rights, and learning other essential life skills such as first aid and disaster preparedness.

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