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Project Background

Jermik Ankyun Foundation was established in 2006. It operates and sustains group houses for adult orphans with special needs once they are too old for the orphanage system.

People with special needs are always more vulnerable, and Armenia is no exception. The situation for orphaned people with special needs is even more compounded. In response to this issue, JAF established its first group home in 2006 in Yerevan. This experimental programme was expanded several years later with the addition of two new facilities in Armenia’s Kotayk and Ararat provinces.

JAF has become a real home for over 29 beneficiaries who live in those houses, receive several services, and undergo different therapies based on their needs. In other words, JAF provides them with the opportunity to claim their rights as members of our society.

Despite the pandemic and the emergency situation this year JAF managed to open their third house in the Geghanist village of the Ararat Region, which already counts 7 residents. A small house next to the group home which was supposed to be converted into a therapy and activity house, but the project has been stalled due to a lack of funds.

The Ayo! team couldn’t stay on the sidelines of such an important project. We decided to support JAF to warm their home even more by funding the renovation and furnishing of the therapy and activity house.

Project Goal

To create a comfortable and inclusive environment for adult orphans with disabilities.

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