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Project Background

Vardenis is one of the most remote border towns of Armenia’s Gegharkunik Region, not far from Lake Sevan. There, the local church’s Sunday school functions as a community center, which offers free arts and crafts classes, including embroidery, carpet weaving, drawing, sculpting, and English and computer classes

While the school is equipped with nearly all of the appropriate facilities, it lacks a heating system. This means that it must close for nearly half of the year. Not only does this closure deprive residents of a very valuable resource and social outlet, but it also deprives course teachers their much-needed salaries.

Ayo!’s Vardenis Sunday School project will fund the installation of a heating system in this school, which will allow to keep its doors open year-round, thus giving local residents the opportunity to be continually linked to a valuable community resource and the opportunity to participate in learning and skill-building initiatives.

Project Goal

To further foster environments of community support and learning for villages in rural Armenia.

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Department of Youth & Education

Sts. Vartananz Armenian Church

Sts. Joachim & Anne Armenian Church

St. Leon Armenian Church - Armenian Sunday School

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St. Astvatsatsin Church’s Sunday school


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