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Project Background

In Armenia, there is only one special school for visually impaired children, Special School # 14. The school is home to 92 children with varying degrees of disability, from slightly impaired to completely blind.

The main educational tools used in the school are Braille textbooks. Through the years of tactile reading, many of them have become irreparably worn out, so much so that entire words and even passages are missing from the textbooks. Many books have also become outdated as the curriculum is updated constantly by the Ministry of Education and Science.

As the Braille textbooks, and even worksheets, are also expensive to produce, the children are often left with the old, worn out textbooks. As a result, visually impaired students in Armenia have fallen behind seeing students because of constant changes to the curriculum and the educators’ inability to easily incorporate current events and developments into the curriculum in a simple worksheet, which is vital for the education of well-rounded citizens.

A Braille printer will allow Special School # 14 to keep up with all updates in the curriculum by printing Braille eversions of updated textbooks in-house. Its 92 students will receive valuable and up-to-date education that will promise them the same academic readiness that is rightfully provided for their seeing peers.

Project Goal

To improve the educational experience of the visually impaired students of the Special School # 14 and promise them the same academic readiness as their seeing peers.

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Mikayel Sharafyan

Verzhine Nikoghosyan

Nelli S. Martirosyan

Sofia Manukyan

Ervand Kristosturyan

Matthew Ash

Armen Anmeghikyan

Laura Love

Vahe Abkarian


Tatevik Khoja-Eynatyan

Victoria Babikian

Tatevik Ayazyan

Meline Toufayan

Agavni P. Yeramyan

Dennis Tarzian

Adam Rosenblatt

Garnik Nanagoulian

Irina Nanagoulian

Ara Hacet

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Special School No. 14

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