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Project Background

EREO NGO was established in 2014 by people with disabilities and it aims to support the full realization of the rights of people with disabilities in the Lori Region while promoting their full participation in social life.

Since its foundation, the organization has been actively involved in advocacy for the rights of people with disabilities, their education, employment rights and other issues. They also advocate for the protection of the rights of women with disabilities, the development of their leadership qualities, and the elimination of discrimination against them. This organization counts over 300 direct beneficiaries, and more than 500 indirect beneficiaries.

“EREO” NGO established a social enterprise engaged in textile production in 2017 with the financial backing of the EU and support from International Center for Intercultural Research, Learning and Dialogue (ICIRLD). Following a two-month training, members of socially disadvantaged families and people with disabilities started manufacturing traditional Armenian dolls, decorative pillows, bedding and baby aprons, they also provide printing services.

The NGO was able to secure a permanent workspace after conducting a successful fundraiser in 2018. However, it is still not adapted to the needs of people with disabilities and features no heating system.

We at Ayo! decided to join this extremely important initiative and take on a large-scale campaign to raise the necessary funds to solve the remaining issues. At the moment, priorities like the heating system, inclusive doors, bathroom and kitchen equipped for special needs are primary necessities that will contribute to the active functioning of the center both in winter and in summer.

Project Goal

To promote equal rights and equal opportunities for people with disabilities by promoting their full participation in social life.

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