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Project Background

Prkutyun was established in 1997 as a support and daycare center for young adults with disabilities and their families in Yerevan and the surrounding districts. Director Arpine Abrahamyan founded the center after observing a young man with a disability in her neighborhood get bullied and exploited.

Currently, the center serves around 65 beneficiaries aged 18 to 40. Prkutyun works to support its beneficiaries in numerous ways — from social activities and vocational training to provision of medical care and meals. It provides a place for them in a society that still sadly does not accept them. Ultimately, their goal is help their young adults integrate into society. They also work to ensure that parents have the ability to work during the day, knowing that their children have activities, meals and social support.

The center has a small but dedicated, multifunctional team that truly wants the best for their beneficiaries. However, Prkutyun receives very little funding from the Armenian government and struggles to bring in enough income to cover their programming costs. For that reason, meals are cooked and served on a tight budget.

We want to lighten Prkutyun’s load next year by covering their food costs and by outfitting the center with a fridge and freezer. They can use this equipment to preserve fruits and vegetables when they are cheap in the summer. Thus, in the wintertime, their meals will have a higher nutritional content.

Project Goal

To enable Prkutyun to provide nourishing, filling lunches to 65 beneficiaries with disabilities over the course of 2023!

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Zabelle N. Vartanian

Sts. Sahag & Mesrob Armenian Sunday School

Ruzanna Sargsyan

Hasmik Sargsyan

Seta M. Nazarian

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Ani Berberian

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St. Leon Armenian Church

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Ellina Kevorkian

Stephen Gurahian

Laura Gevorgyan

Gary Gengozian

Boghos Gauro

Arakel Aljalian

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Aline Tashjian

St. John Armenian Church

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Anne And Rob T. Norris

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Caroline Kernan

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Stephen Haroian

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Kathryn A A. Geyer

Aleksandr Egurtcov

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