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We've raised funds and implemented  projects in the area of Public Health.

We've raised funds and implemented 18 projects in the area of Children's Rights

We've raised funds and implemented 1 projects in the area of Agriculture.

We've raised funds and implemented 10 projects in the area of Humanitarian Aid.

We've raised funds and implemented 1 projects in the area of Women Empowerment.

We've raised funds and implemented 13 projects in the area of Disability Rights.

We've raised funds and implemented 9 projects in the area of Education.

We've raised funds and implemented 7 projects in the area of Economic Development.

We've raised funds and implemented 3 projects in the area of Art.

"Ayo!" is the fundraising platform of Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR).  We exist to build a bridge between young Armenians around the world who want to make a difference and organizations doing amazing work on the ground.

Over the past 10 years, through small and large donations alike, our supporters have raised over $1 million to fund nearly 80 projects in the areas of:

About Us

Facing the Challenge

Lots of organizations in Armenia and Artsakh have bright ideas for projects to help our motherland develop, but they often lack the funds to make them a reality.

Our Response

These organizations can approach us at any time with a proposal. Generally, we look for ideas that are innovative, tangible, low-budget, and have a big impact.

We work with only one project partner at a time. If we select your idea, we'll initiate a dedicated fundraising campaign to help you realize it.

1. We Select a Project:

Together with our network of supporters across the Armenian diaspora, we raise the necessary funds for each specific project. We devote at least three months to a project before moving on to the next one.

2. We Connect with Donors and Raise Funds Together:

We distribute the funds raised as a grant to our partner organization.

3. We Grant Funds:

Our partner organization brings the project to life with the funds we've raised!

4. Our Partners Implement:

We make sure that every penny is spent on the project implementation! You can follow up about the project’s progress on our website.

5. Monitoring and reporting:

How it works

We don’t take any percentage of the raised funds! We have an amazing donor (meet her below) who covers our administrative fees so that we can dedicate 100% of what you donate to the cause in Armenia.

Many of our donors are young and don’t have a lot to give, but they give what they can.

We think there is great beauty in that. 

By the way — two things to clarify!

The Fund for Armenian Relief, Ayo!'s parent organization, is a US-based 501(c)3 nonprofit implementing long-term programs focusing on child protection, economic development, education, healthcare, and social services. FAR was founded by the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern) in response to the devastating earthquake that struck Gyumri in 1988.

Born and raised in Istanbul as a minority Armenian, Marta Batmasian’s dream was to immigrate to the US where everyone is given the opportunity to pursue their dreams. She founded AYO! to give this same opportunity to the new generation of Armenians. Marta believes that Armenians are capable of taking their future into their own hands and believes that AYO will provide them the financial, logistical and moral support they need to realize their potential. Marta is a member of the Board of Directors of the Fund for Armenian Relief.

Marta Batmasian



In London,

to help purchase a car so special needs kids could access therapy.



In Detroit,

to get asthma meds to kids in Artsakh.



In New York,

to send kids of war heroes to summer camp.

Our Ambassadors

Sarah Stites
Armen Anmeghikyan
Shaghig Aguilian
Helena Melkonyan
Julieta Hovhannisyan

Our Team

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