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Project Background

The playground project serves to provide a safe outdoor area for children at a kindergarten in the town of Berd to play and have recreational time. Children between the ages of two and six spend their playtime restricted indoors in their classrooms. It is important that they spend their time outdoors in order to exercise, develop mentally, and to have fun.

People living in the town of Berd struggle to provide their families with a good standard of living. With the implementation of this project, 122 children will have the freedom to play outdoors. This school needs the help to provide the children with a happy childhood – one filled with a place to play out their imagination and enjoy being children. Say Ayo! to game time, say Ayo! to happiness

Project Goal

The town of Berd needs a place to provide children with a happy childhood. The Berd kindergarteners spend their playtime restricted indoors while their families struggle with poverty. Building a playground will provide the children a safe outdoor area to exercise, develop mentally, and to have fun.

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Mary Sukiasyan

Shmavon Shmavonyan

Satenik Sargsyan

Lyudmila Sahakyan

Rotary Club

Dikran G. Krikorian

Vahe Hovhannisyan

Elena Hagopian

Narek Beglaryan

Ernest M. Barsamian, M.D.

Taline Campbell

ACYOA Seniors of St. Mesrob Church


Lusine Geghamyan

Armenian Public

Ani Ghazaryan

Ara Hacet

Jonathan Campbell


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