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Project Background

Following torrential rains this month, Armenia has experienced deadly flooding. This past weekend, the surging waters of the Debed and Aghstev rivers swept 17 bridges away in the northeastern regions of Lori and Tavush.

Some communities were left stranded, and hundreds of their residents were evacuated. Other people are missing and five have lost their lives. Due to collapse and water damage, many homes are totally unlivable. Other people have lost their workplaces and livelihoods. 

While we are still working with partners to understand the concrete immediate needs of those affected, we are beginning an emergency campaign to gather funds.

Thank you for your partnership and trust.

Project Goal

Deadly flooding in Armenia’s Lori and Tavush regions has caused a humanitarian disaster there. 17 bridges are down, homes have collapsed and people have lost their livelihoods. Join us in raising funds to meet immediate needs of those affected. 

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Alexander Garen

Vladimir Zabelin

Soren Johnson

Tina Bilazarian

Paul G Bogosian

Ronald S. Tashjian

Sophie Arzumanov

Sonia Dalley

Vera Nazarian

Vahan Mahdasian

Seta Sivaslian

Mihran A. Aroian

Jean Housepian

Kegham Sherikian

Georgine Symes

Charles Mooshian

Jacques Gurdjian

Jeremy E. Baptist

Andrew Yenicag

Christine Tolleris

Fr. Shnork Souin

Ara Hacet

Aleksandr Egurtcov

Annie Bakerdjian



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