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Project Background

Despite sustained efforts, malnutrition continues to affect a significant proportion of Armenia’s most vulnerable groups, including the poor and the elderly. FAR has been conducting an elderly nutrition assistance program since 1995 to address the issue. FAR food kitchens provide nutritious free meals to all beneficiaries on every working day of the week

Three FAR soup kitchens serving up to 500 elderly beneficiaries in Berd, Gyumri and Yerevan do not have enough kitchenware to keep up with the volume. This is why we decided to start by helping the Bard soup kitchen replace their used kitchenware with high-grade pots, pans, and other utensils as well as an energy-efficient electric oven. The newly re-equipped soup kitchen can now continue its mission of providing a measure of dignity and respect to the elder folks of Berd with daily nutritious meals.

Project Goal

To improve the conditions of 3 soup kitchens run by FAR and continue to meet the nutritional needs of the elderly in a dignified manner.

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Travis Witt

Tigran Tavadyan

St. Mary Armenian Apostolic Church

Alisha Sharaballi

Narine Matinyan

Lisa Hovagimyan

Armen Grigorian

Renee Ferraro

Nona Baghdasaryan

Adrienne Ashbahian

Joyce M. Mayeresky

Jenny McIntosh

Mitchell Johnson

Tatevik Khoja-Eynatyan

Anna Marie Norehad

Nishan Goudsouzian

ACYOA Juniors - Holy Trinity Armenian Church

Armen Terjimanian

Migirdic Kendiroglu

David Onanian

Ara Hacet


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