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Project Background

Vanadzor Old Age Home was established in 1993, shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union and Armenia’s subsequent socio-economic collapse, the war in Artsakh, and the devastating 1988 earthquake. As a result, Armenia faced a high rate of youth who emigrated from the country for work, leaving many elderly without familial support. The Old Age Home in Vanadzor was established as a way to help those in need, and to combat a growing problem. It is the only privately-run institution for the elderly in Armenia, that has been recognized by the government as service provider for the elderly.

Fund for Armenian Relief began to support VOAH in 2002. Soon after, it was established as the Vanadzor Old Age Home Foundation, the aim of which is:

  • To provide full care and decent living conditions for socially disadvantaged elderly

  • To contribute and support the elderly living at VOAH so they live in dignity and feel they are full members of society

Vanadzor Old Age Home takes care of every need the residents might have, starting from providing three nutritious meals every day, access to health care, psychological assistance, as well as various activities and events so that the elderly residents feel engaged and part of their community. While conditions at VOAH are continually kept up and the facility is immaculate, VOAH’s residents are in need of fresh, new bedding, such as mattresses, pillows, and warm winter blankets. We understand the importance and the essential support we can provide by giving this chance to the residents of the Old Age Home the access to fresh and new bedding accessories.

We at Ayo! believe that members of the older generation deserve to live good quality lives filled with dignity and respect. Most of the residents of VOAH are veterans, representatives of the generation who raised us, and who helped to make us who we are. We strongly believe that we need to pay it forward and take care of them, just as they did for us.</p>

Project Goal

Increase the quality of life for the 55 residents of Vanadzor Old Age Home (VOAH) by creating favorable living conditions for the elderly

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