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Project Background

Nestled at the foot of a lush forest and rolling hills in Vayots Dzor Province in southwest Armenia, Artavan is a small village with less than 250 full-time residents. During the summer, however, the population grows to over 1,000 people, primarily the family members of residents, and those who come to stay to enjoy the area’s serene nature and rich wildlife in this picturesque corner of the country.Artavan borders one of Armenia’s most expansive ecological corridors, making it home to invaluable biodiversity that is necessary to preserve. With ecotourism on the rise globally, it is crucial for residents to leverage their environmental assets as a means of strengthening community development and their economy while maintaining a sustainable relationship in harmony with their surroundings.

We at Ayo! have teamed up with WWF Armenia to further realize a harmonious future for the people and environment of Artavan. WWF is one of the leading organizations specialized in conservation, environmental awareness, and capacity building for sustainable livelihoods.

How will this be done? Ayo! will raise money to build a hide set in the forest of Artavan, which will be designed as a wildlife lookout so that visitors will be able to experience nature without disturbing it. The hide will be constructed with organic materials in a design that syncs with the surrounding environment. This lookout will highlight the richness of Artavan’s nature and wildlife, demonstrating just how attractive and valuable the area’s environmental assets can be to its residents. Once we built the hide, it will be run and maintained by Artavan community. WWF Armenia, in its turn, will assist the community to promote ecotourism and attract more visitors to the region.

Out in the Wild will also support the improvement, specifically the renovations and refurbishments, of three bed and breakfasts owned and run by residents of Artavan. We want to equip owners with any necessary amenities (i.e. furniture, new bedding, etc.) that will best enhance their ability to host visitors, and thus ultimately contribute to making the community more of a destination. Besides being just a place to stay, these B&Bs offer homecooked meals from locally-produced and grown fruits, vegetables, cheeses, breads, etc. Visitors are also able to participate in local gardening initiatives.

With your help we can support the people of Artavan as they build their future in a sustainable way. Our campaign aims to improve community-wide growth that all inhabitants will benefit from, and in a way that will hopefully inspire neighboring villages to do the same. Join us in empowering Artavan.

Project Goal

To strengthen a culture of environmental and wildlife protection, and to encourage and support the growth of ecotourism in Armenia.

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