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Project Background

Back in 2013 we found out that ambulances in the Tavush Region are not equipped with defibrillators. Tavush, which is one of Armenia’s poorest regions, is also one of its most dangerous, as there is frequent gunfire along the border with Azerbaijan

So, we at Ayo! immediately got to work raising funds in order to get those valuable defibrillators into those ambulances.

Thanks to the generous help of George Asadorian from Cleveland, Ohio, a long term friend of FAR and its Continuing Medical Education Program (CME), Ayo! has received an in-kind donation of 5 defibrillators at a total value of $20,000! This surpasses our initial goal of purchasing four defibrillators. The $1,051 we raised with the help of our Ayo! supporters was used to ship the five defibrillators and to purchase some critical spare parts and batteries for these new devices.

Project Goal

To reduce mortality and improve survival due to cardiac arrests or arrhythmias in the Armenian conflict zone Tavush, which is located in the north of Armenia and borders with Azerbaijan and Georgia.

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