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Project Background

Armenia is just full of stunning nature, and we want everyone to experience it! ARI + Arvestaran’s inclusive hiking program is designed to create an environment where neurodiverse children can fully participate in and enjoy outdoor activities. The second aim of the program is to harness expertise from two fields: outdoor exploration and special education.

By organizing training for professionals, the program’s goal is to foster an environment that integrates best practices and knowledge from both fields. Through this collaboration, we can address the following challenges and needs that children with ASD face in Armenia, such as the community’s limited awareness and understanding, a lack of physical wellbeing and social interaction and the unavailability of alternative inclusive activities.

Activities in nature generally help to reduce problematic behavior, minimize stress from unknown environments, improve self-consciousness, and overcome social anxiety. Children also see benefits in the areas of sensory stimulation, physical activity, cognitive development, social interaction, emotional wellbeing, self-esteem and integration.

Project Goal

Nature is for everyone! ARI, a local mountaineering group, and Arvestaran, a center for children with special needs have designed an inclusive hiking program specifically tailored for children on the autism spectrum (ASD). We’re excited to partner with them to launch hiking activities for children with autism aged 7 to 11. Let’s explore!

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Meline Toufayan

Rob Stites

Benjamin Rith-Najarian

Razmig Pounardjian

Lusine Manukian

Khachatur Kesablyan

Edward Kargenian

Mike Kalajian

Martha Jamgochian

Jane DuMond

Anna Danielian

Ara Bagdasarian

Zareh Aghajanian

David Smith

Garnik Nanagoulian

Caro Minas

Edmond Martirosyan

Armine Khrimian

Kristina Khachaturyan

Hrachya Janikian

Jeremy E. Baptist

Andrew Yenicag

Anna Vardanyan

Aline Tashjian

Sarah Stites

Arin Parsanian

David Onanian

James Moresco

Caroline Kernan

Adrine Katchadurian

Aleen Kaltakdjian

Stephen Haroian

Ara Hacet

Aram Ghazaryan

Kathryn A A. Geyer

Jeanette Derhagopian

Jonathan Campbell

Francis Bulbulian