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Make a difference with AYO! Invest in a vibrant future for Armenia. We are a fundraising platform that makes a big impact through your small donations, funding lasting change in local communities.

Shaping a Vibrant Future for Armenia

Collage image featuring a mother teaching her daughter on a new library computer and children laughing and playing at an Ayo!-funded summer camp, highlighting the impact of educational and recreational programs.


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Ruben Vardanyan

Vahe Navasardyan

Marine Musaelian

Joseph Ibrahim

ACYOA, Jrs. of St. Mary Armenian Apostolic Church, DC

Lucy Chagachbanian

Dawn Aginian

Hye Pointe Armenian Apostolic Church

Ani Simpkins

Mark Jaffarian

albert S. malkasian

Lia Sukiasyan

Sirun Shekoyan

Zaven Sahakian

Haroutiun Sabounjian

Margarit Piliposyan

Artemis Pechakjian

Annie Manvelyan

Samvel Hovhannisyan

Emmie Hakobyan

Ani Ghazaryan

John Merigian

Edmond Martirosyan

Zach Kowalski

Project Goal

Our goal is to ensure that all children in Armenia have access to excellent education. Education not only imparts knowledge, but also cultivates hope and fosters transformative change. For just $10,000, we can sponsor two school communities as Teach For Armenia Nation-Builders and make a profound impact. Teach For Armenia’s Nation-Builders program is an opportunity for individuals and organizations anywhere in the world to invest in the future of Armenia through education. As Nation-Builder school sponsors, we will enable the placement of Teacher-Leaders in two school communities for one academic year. Both Teacher-Leaders were forcibly displaced from Artsakh in September 2023. They now live in Armenia, where they have been placed in new schools in the Armavir and Kotayk regions, with support from Teach For Armenia.

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