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Collage image featuring a mother teaching her daughter on a new library computer and children laughing and playing at an Ayo!-funded summer camp, highlighting the impact of educational and recreational programs.

Make a difference with AYO! Invest in a vibrant future for Armenia. We are a fundraising platform that makes a big impact through your small donations, funding lasting change in local communities.

Shaping a Vibrant Future for Armenia


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Arsen Gasparyan

Maryanne Fenerjian

Igor Votinov

Varoujan Touloumjian

Aram Tonoyan

Neil Slater

Simon Sazian

Philip Savenkov

Shushan Sahakyan

Vladimir Komissarov

Kirill Grishchenko

Haike Engoyan

Louis Daugas

Ani Aroyian

Anna Gasparyan

Gurgen Martirosyan

Mary Mamikonian

Gohar Khachatryan

St. Leon Armenian Church - Armenian Sunday School

St. Leon Armenian Church Sunday School

Jacques Gurdjian

Boghos Gauro

Sarah Stites

Adrine Katchadurian

Project Goal

To establish a therapeutic garden for children, especially those who have been displaced and those with special needs. 

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